Everything You Need to Know About Resin Driveways in Bedfordshire

February 5th, 2021

In recent years, due to the incidents of increasing flood and public awareness, people tend to opt for resin driveways in Bedfordshire. The first thing that anyone notices while entering anyone’s home is its driveway, and it is one of the most fundamental parts of any property. Nowadays, there is a bundle of choices available in the market starting from resin to driveways tarmac, Landscaping, Paving in Bedfordshire. Each of them has a set of advantages and disadvantages of their own. Homeowners are familiar with most of them.

Resin Driveways are becoming much popular for their amazing polymer and epoxy resins. Seeking a modern and rustic look driveway? Then resin stone is the perfect solution for your property. Installing this driveway also has some additional benefits. Here is a short guide that R Newman Construction has made to describe everything that you want to know about ‘resin surfacing’.

Let’s get started!

1. What are resin driveways?

Resin Driveways are the hard-wearing surface that comes with an array of advantages and is durable enough. The overall look is also quite charming due to the warm and stoney structure. Primarily, clear and washed resin are mixed up with dried aggregates in order to bound them together. In this way the base is formed that gives driveways the strength and enhances functionality.

At last, the resin stone mix provides an attractive finish to the driveway.  There are two divisions of driveways: resin-bonded and resin bound driveways. Resin-bonded is all about the dispersed aggregate, which is fixed on top of a resin layer. On the other hand, resin-bound driveways come with the aggregate, that is mixed all together with the resin.

2. What are the features and benefits of resin surfacing?

Resin surfacing decreases ponding and promotes an easy run-off. Professionals state that it is also beneficial for trees that are planted on that surface. Resins allow water to pass easily and reach the roots without the need for loose gravel.

Resin drives provide a stable and long-lasting finish that most homeowners search for. It offers no loose stones making it ideal for all applications like pushchairs or bicycles. Resins also come with a special feature – it protects the driveway from UV rays and harmful sun rays that may damage the place.

It also comes with an unlimited range of colours and designs starting from single or multiple colours can be used to create borders, curves, decorations or even numbers and patterns. A resin driveways reduces ice, weed growth, or puddles. All you have to do is to sweep off with a stiff brush.  Low maintenance is needed for resin driveway.

Factors to Consider


The primary thing to consider while planning to install resin driveways in Bedfordshire is its cost. The price depends on the kind of service you are opting for. Are you planning to pull up the existing driveway completely or do you need some basic services? You also need to consider the basis on which the driveway will be made of. Determine the size of the stones that you want to install and what kind of resin you want to install. This is a huge factor that will settle the cost. You should remember that resin is somewhat expensive when compared to gravel driveways but is cheaper than the tar option.


Depending on the size of your property, professionals will estimate a time that the overall project will take. Although resin driveway is one of the simplest processes. It may take only some days to get the whole area done. But if there is an existing sub-base that needs to be removed first, then it may take some extra time as well as it will cost more.


Consider the gradient of the driveway. The more flat the driveway will be, the better will the project. A steep driveway is not an ideal choice for resin. As it is overall a bit slippery, and the steep driveway will not be able to grip properly.  For a steep driveway, you can opt for tar as it provides enough grip.


If so, then resin is not a perfect choice for the driveways. Resin is perfect for the one with one or two cars that will be using a driveway frequently. Frequent travelling of heavy traffic will damage the place and lift the resin.

Disadvantages of Resin Driveways:

  • No official regulations surrounding the installation of resin-based driveways are there.
  • The cost is a bit high. They are not the most affordable option out there.
  • Resin driveways aren’t ideal for heavy vehicles.

A good and reliable company will give you good resin driveways in Bedfordshire. There are no such official rules and regulations for installing resin driveways. But if you go for a wrong contractor then it may result badly for the paths.

So, if you are planning to invest in driveways – professionals will strongly encourage you to consider resin driveways in Bedford.

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